February was National Children’s Dental Health Month #NCDHM and in honor of the event we held a coloring contest for elementary aged students. We had some great submissions! Our dental hygienist, Kathy Tiffany went into the 2nd grade classrooms of Great Neck &

Oswegatchie Elementary Schools and spoke with the children about the importance of dental health.



The kids learned a lot but we also learned that the children knew a great deal about how to keep their teeth clean and healthy! Kathy brought some props with her, including a shark bone jaw with teeth! The kids loved seeing how different our teeth are from a sharks. Kathy was thrilled to receive some very creative thank you cards from the kids after her visit. Like the one to the right >



We also received GREAT submissions for the contest! It was so hard to pick just one from each school! Alas, we had to make a decision and one child from each school will receive a $25 gift card to Target!



And the winners are…



Cecilia | 2nd Grade | Oswegatchie Elementary

Jamison | 2nd Grade | Great Neck Elementary



Congratulations to the winners! Leave a comment to let the kids know how much you like their artwork! Thank you to everyone that worked to make this a successful event, but especially the teachers for welcoming us into their classrooms! We had a blast!