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Restore Health and Aesthetics with Dental Implants

Are you having trouble living a confident life with missing teeth? Whether you have lost one tooth, many teeth, or all of them, living without a complete smile can affect your function, self-esteem, and health. If you want a secure tooth replacement, choose dental implants, tooth root-like posts surgically placed in your jawbone. We attach beautiful dental implant restorations onto these posts to permanently restore any number of missing teeth and provide you with strong function for eating. With decades of experience in restorative dentistry, our dentists have the training and skills to personalize these dental implant restorations in Waterford, CT to your smile goals and unique oral health needs. We can restore one, several, or all missing teeth and provide you with a renewed quality of life!

Restorations Made Just for You

We provide high-quality and custom dental implant restorations right in our office, including dental crowns and bridges and immediate full arch treatment. Our dentists partner with an experienced team of implant specialists to provide you with these amazing solutions! You’ll have your dental implant(s) placed by these specialists who will collaborate with us while we design your new restoration. First, we begin by taking scans of your mouth. These high-resolution images are 3D and capture your oral structures with incredible precision for accurate planning of your restoration. Then, we’ll send this information to our partner dental lab where a skilled dental technician with custom-craft your new restoration to look and feel like the real thing and be indistinguishable alongside your natural teeth. With help from our partner dental lab, we can make this same-day treatment possible for a full arch restoration, too.

A Complete Smile In One Day

If you’re missing all your teeth in one or both arches, you have a permanent solution with dental implants. Full arch dental implant treatment can restore nearly 100 percent of your dental function, with a bridge of life-like teeth that look beautiful and will last for decades. We’ll provide this fully custom dental implant restoration the day of your implant placement surgery so you can leave the office with a brand-new and functional smile! Designed by our experienced dentists to your specifications and hand-crafted by skilled dental lab technicians, this dental implant restoration will provide the functional, health, and aesthetic improvements you need to live a confident, happy life!

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