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Time for Professional Teeth Whitening?

You might have a full set of healthy teeth—each of them fully intact and with no obvious damage or decay—and yet you feel the need to hide your smile. Discolored, darkened, and yellow teeth can significantly harm your self-esteem and your confidence. If you’ve had enough of smiling with your mouth closed and avoiding having your picture taken, it may be time for professional teeth whitening. Whiter teeth can give you an instant self-confidence boost and the more carefree life you’ve been wanting. See how we can put an end to your yellow teeth in Waterford, CT.

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How to Get Optimal Results

While you have many teeth whitening options at your local pharmacy or grocery store, those products rarely if ever provide the same whitening power that professional-grade treatments can. The results for retail products don’t usually last as long as professional treatments and can possibly even make your teeth become more sensitive. In addition, you may also notice uneven whitening across your teeth.

Our professional teeth whitening options can enable you to experience:

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Types of Treatment for Yellow Teeth

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Ways to Keep Your Teeth White

Whether you’ve already undergone professional teeth whitening or wish to avoid it, there are some steps you can take to keep your teeth shining brightly. If you drink coffee, red wine, or soft drinks, try enjoying them in moderation. Also, avoid tobacco, which can not only cause yellow teeth but contributes to various cancers and gum disease. While you can safely drink staining beverages in moderation, there’s no amount of tobacco use that’s good for your teeth or your overall health. And of course, brush and floss your teeth as recommended. Each of these choices can help your smile shine for the long-term!

Make a Dull Smile Sparkle!

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