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Have you been struggling to live a confident, healthy, and social life because you’re missing many or all your teeth? It’s time to put the pain and discouragement of missing teeth behind you with our modern partial and complete dentures in Waterford, CT! Our dentures are nothing like those of the past—they’re made from durable and life-like materials and fitted to your mouth so they remain secure. With dentures custom-made just for you, you can enjoy a life of improved health and function, with a smile that looks and feels natural. As one of the most common treatments at our office, our experienced dentists are incredibly skilled in restoring smiles with both partial dentures and full dentures. Don’t live another day with decaying or missing teeth!

Solutions for Any Number of Missing Teeth

We provide both partial dentures and full dentures depending on your unique situation. If you’re missing only a few teeth, partial dentures can effectively fill in the gaps with artificial teeth held in place by metal clasps. For an entire arch of missing teeth (either the top or bottom arch), full dentures can restore a complete set of teeth, secured to the gums with adhesives and natural suction. Whether you need partials or full dentures, our dentists have the training and expertise to provide you with a solution that improves your health, wellbeing, and life!


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Partial Dentures

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What to Expect with Our Dentures

You’re certainly aware of the limitations to your food choices and the poor smile aesthetics that accompany missing teeth. One of the greatest benefits of dentures is how they can restore a complete smile! You won’t ever feel embarrassed about a gapped or toothless smile ever again and will instead feel confident in dentures tailored to you. The first stage of your treatment is completing a personalized consultation. We want to understand your struggles, concerns, and needs so we can provide the best possible solution for you!

We use advanced imaging like our intraoral scanner to take high-resolution images of your mouth to ensure that your dentures fit securely and comfortably on your gums. Then, using sophisticated design technology, a digital mockup of your new partial or full denture is rendered based on your smile goals and functional needs. Your dentures will then be hand-crafted from strong materials by skilled dental lab technicians to look and feel completely natural. Custom-fitted inside your mouth, it will be virtually impossible for anyone to know you’re wearing a partial or dentures! Additionally, you’ll be better able to bite and chew foods and eat a healthier diet. You’ll look and feel healthier, too, which will provide a significant boost in your confidence and quality of life.

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How You Benefit from Dentures

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