Getting To Know Dr. Drew

How well do you know your dentist? Well, we recently sat down with Dr. Drew for interview that will give you some insight behind one of the doctor’s at Raccio & Drew Dental. There’s sure to be some information in here that you did not know! Check it out below:


How Long have you been practicing? How long have you been at this practice?

Dr. Drew: It’s been thirty-six years for both questions. I came here right after dental school. The office was started by Dr. Castanza, who was my family dentist. So, I have actually been a patient here for 58 years.


Why did you become a dentist? Was there a defining moment that you on this path?

Dr. Drew: I loved going to school and learning, so I wanted more than a four-year degree, but I also enjoy working with my hands in an artistic way. All that along with wanting to be my own boss, it all seemed to lead me right to dentistry.


What makes Raccio & Drew different than other dental practices in Waterford & New London County?


Dr. Drew: I would definitely say the long-term continuity of the office. The same dentists have been here in a smooth transition since the late 1940s. We have a lot of home-grown talent on our staff, so we tend to know everyone and that makes it comfortable for our patients.


You’re a lifelong resident of Waterford, what is your philosophy as a business owner when it comes to community involvement?

Dr. Drew: We strive to always support local businesses and charitable causes, especially child-oriented groups, such as local schools & youth sports. We also support our local law enforcement and recently ran “Pie In the Face” contest which supported the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Bank, our local food bank.


How has the practice changed since you first started here?


Dr. Drew: It’s much more technology driven vs. manual. Many of the prosthetic restorations we use are generated by computers. They come out beautifully and there is less need for remakes. We’re offering our clients better, reliable results with little need for adjustments.


What is the most unique diagnosis you have encountered?

Dr. Drew: I once took an x-ray and the patient had eight wisdom teeth where there should have been one. They were all different sizes!


In our services blog, Dental Bridges & Dentures, we discuss the emotional impact of tooth loss. What’s your philosophy on handling the psychological side of dentistry?


Dr. Drew: All patients are unique, and it is important to try to estimate was is important to any given person. As doctors we NEED to listen. I strive to be an active listener; I hope I’m good at this.


What is the most complicated procedure you completed?


Dr. Drew: I restored an entire arch with a fixed appliance in one day, working with a local specialist. This is a remarkable service that can truly change a person’s life.


What is your most proud moment as a dentist?

Dr. Drew: Inserting a restoration, showing the patient and many times watching them tear up because they’re so happy. That’s truly a remarkable moment for me, knowing they entrusted me with their care, and I was able to transform their smile.


What techniques do you utilize when helping patients with dental phobia?


Dr. Drew: Talking and listening is key. We take thing slowly and make sure we explain the entire process. As alternative, we also offer nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas.


Other than quality dental care, what do you hope patients take away from their experience in this practice?

Dr. Drew: It’s important to me that patients feel valued here and that we make them feel comfortable. Receiving dental care makes people feel vulnerable, so I want them to always feel like they were treated with respect.

On a lighter note, how many fillings do you think you’ve done in your career?

Dr. Drew: No clue! Many, many, many….

Is there anything else you would like patients to know about you or the practice?

Dr. Drew: We have had a very stable staff over my entire career. We do not have a great deal of office turnover. I personally think this speaks volumes about who we are and what types of relationships we foster.

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