Our Top Dental FAQs

One of our main priorities at Raccio & Drew Dental is to ensure are patients feel comfortable with our practice and the services we provide. Whether it’s your first visit in our office or a returning visit, we support an open dialogue to keep our patients informed and ensure we are servicing you to the best of our ability. Below is a list of some common FAQs that can help you to better understand anything from what you can expect at your dental checkup, to what insurances we take.


1. What can I expect at my dental checkup?

The dentist or hygienist will talk to you about your recent medical history, examine your mouth and decide whether or not you need x-rays. Your dentist will evaluate your overall dental health and conduct an oral cancer screening at the time of each exam.


2. Where can I find New Patient forms.

Go to our home page here, and click the “New Patients” button. This will download our new patient paperwork in PDF format.


3. What insurances do you accept?

We currently in network with the following insurances:

  • Aetna Dental

  • Ameritas

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • Cigna Dental

  • Delta Dental

  • Mashantucket Pequot Dental

  • MetLife

  • Principal Life Insurance

4. Why do regular dental visits matter?

Regular dental visits help to prevent any major issues before they occur, when treatment is simpler and less expensive. Regular dental visits can also help to spot other medical conditions such as oral cancer. Keeping your mouth healthy is an essential part of good overall health!


5. What are some signs I should see a dentist?

Some symptoms you should be aware of include;

  • Sensitivity to hot/cold

  • Bleeding gums

  • Persistent bad breath

  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing

  • You smoke or chew tobacco

  • You often have dry mouth

  • You have sores that hurt and are not going away

For more details, also read our blog, “6 Signs You Need to See a Dentist


6. What services do you offer?

A list of our services are listed below:

  • Preventative Care

  • Fillings/Restorations

  • Dental Sealants

  • Dental Bridges

  • Dentures

  • Implant Restorations

  • Immediate Full Arch Restoration

  • Dental Crowns

Also read our Dental Services blog series to get a more in depth view of our services.


Our Services, Part 1: Preventative Care, Fillings/Restorations & Dental Sealants

Our Services, Part 2: Dental Bridges & Dentures

Our Services, Part 3: Implant Restorations & Dental Crowns


We also offer the following items:

  • Bleaching products

  • Electric Toothbrushes

  • Clinpro/Enamalon


7. How can I stay in touch between visits?

We strive to always provide clients with valuable information regarding our office and relevant dental health news through our blog, social media and email. Follow us and always be in the know!




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